Park Board Minutes

December 19, 2016

A regular meeting of the Hopkins Park Board was held on December 19, 2016.  


Kyle Kaczmarek, Park Board Vice-Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.       


Present were Park Board members:  Kyle Kaczmarek, Libby Goeman and Fozia Ali. Absent was Caroline Rinker and Laura Cooper.  Also present was Steve Stadler, PW Director and City staff liaison.    


Minutes for the November 21, 2016 Park Board Meeting.

Libby Goeman made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Fozia Ali.  The motion passed with a 3-0 vote.         


Park Board Action Items and Updates

  1. Parks Capital Improvement Fund – Working Capital report: Stadler presented an overview of the Park Capital Improvements Fund (301) working capital report.  Stadler presented several adjustments he’d made to the report’s revenues and expenditures. On the revenue side, an Oxford Village redevelopment park dedication fee was entered in the amount of $40,700 and the projected dedication fees for the Village Apartments project ($120,000) and the Hopkins Cold Storage redevelopment project ($300,000) were moved back one year to 2018 and 2019, respectively, to more closely match when those fee payments are anticipated.  Regarding expenditures, the CIP project amounts were adjusted as follows:  1) 2017 Burnes Park Improvements budget was increased from $1.3 M to $1.6 M; 2) $300,000 was added to 2018 for a project to construct Pickleball courts; and 3) $200,000 was added in 2020 for replacement of the two Valley Park picnic shelters.  There was discussion about the scope and estimated costs of the Burnes Park Improvement project.  Stadler mentioned that the $300,000 for the Pickleball courts was a generous estimate based on an estimate from the City of Minnetonka’s engineering consultant for the building of six courts in Minnetonka.  Stadler stated that the two picnic shelters at Valley Park are 25+ years old and will need replacement within a few years.
  2. Burnes Park Improvement Project: Discussion of the Burnes Park project continued from the previous agenda item.  The Board members agreed that, given the importance and popularity of Burnes Park, the scope of the improvements should not be changed. Libby Goeman made a motion to increase the Burnes Park Improvements budget to $1.6M, seconded by Fozia Ali.  The motion passed with a 3-0 vote.
  3. Hopkins Pavilion Upgrade Project: Stadler reported that there is an upcoming 12/20 meeting with the Hopkins Youth Hockey Association (HYHA) representative to determine the level of HYHA funding for the Pavilion Upgrade project.  After the HYHA funding commitment has been finalized, the project scope will be adjusted accordingly.  The City-funded base project includes replacement of the refrigeration system, a building addition to accommodate a new Central Park warming house and other miscellaneous upgrades.  There will be further updates after the HYHA meeting.  There was discussion about the outdoor ice skating and the proposed concept plan that was developed for the Park Reinvestment Plan.  Stadler will bring the concept plan to the next meeting for review & discussion.  
  4. Pickleball Dedicated Courts:

    After some discussion, the Board agreed that Burnes Park was not a good park choice for dedicated Pickleball courts.  The Board agreed to spend some time considering other potential park locations for Pickleball.  It was generally agreed that Central Park seems to be a good choice as it is already an active, athletic field-oriented park; there is ample parking; and, it is near the Central Business District.  However, new courts will not be built in 2017 so there is time to   thoughtfully consider all possible options and also possibly get some feedback on the usage of the upcoming 6-8 new courts to be built at Lone Lake Park in Minnetonka.  Stadler will provide members with a copy of a Sept, 2016 Minnetonka Park Board staff report on Pickleball court options and costs. Libby Goeman made a motion to include construction of six new Pickleball Courts as a 2018 project in the City’s Capital Improvement Program, seconded by Fozia Ali.  The motion passed with a 3-0 vote.     

Off-Leash Dog Park Update

Stadler provided an aerial photo showing the proposed off-leash dog park area located within the Hopkins landfill site.  MPCA initially responded in opposition to an off-leash dog area within the landfill site.  Stadler will put together a proposal including a sketch showing some detail on fencing, parking & access and submit it for a formal MPCA review & response. 

Other Topics of Interest

There were no additional topics to discuss

Park Area Assignment Report

  • Kyle Kaczmarek: Hilltop Park, Shady Oak Beach, Shady Oak Nature Area, Minnehaha Creek Preserve – NTR 
  • Fozia Ali: Cottageville Park, Oakes Park, Maetzold Field, Hiawatha Oaks – NTR
  • Caroline Rinker: Interlachen Park, Burnes Park, Harley Hopkins Park – Absent
  • Libby Goemann: Buffer Park, Park Valley Playground, Valley Park – NTR   
  • Laura Cooper: Downtown Park, Elmo Park, Central Park – Absent  


The next regular Park Board Meeting is 6:30 pm on January 23, the fourth Monday of January, due to the Martin Luther King Holiday which falls on the third Monday.    


Libby Goeman moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Fozia Ali. The motion passed 3-0.  The meeting adjourned at 7:56 p.m.

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