Park Board Minutes

April 20, 2015

A regular meeting of the Hopkins Park Board was held on April 20, 2015.  


Park Board Chair Norman Teigen called the meeting to order at 6:33 pm.


Present were Park Board members:  Norman Teigen, Caroline Rinker, Reed Yngve and Bob Hatlestad (arrived after the approval of minutes).  Abbey Bryduck was absent.  Also present was staff liaison Steve Stadler.


Minutes for the March 23, 2015 Park System Reinvestment Plan Steering Committee Meeting:

Norman Teigen made a motion, seconded by Reed Yngve to approve the March 23 minutes.  The motion passed with a 3-0 vote.          


  1. Park Board Action Items & Updates

Oakes Park warming house & picnic shelter design contract:  Steve Stadler explained the Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates, Inc. (KOMA) proposal for architectural services regarding the Oakes Park warming house and picnic shelter.  The services include developing two design options and preliminary construction estimates for renovation to the existing warming house and for a new picnic shelter.  The intent of the work is to upgrade the warming house exterior appearance, provide exterior access to the restrooms and to provide a new, architecturally compatible picnic shelter facility.  The cost of the services is $6,600 - $7,600.  The selected design option could also be used at the Valley Park warming house as it is an identical facility to the Oakes Park warming house. 

Caroline Rinker made a motion, seconded by Reed Yngve to approve the design contract with KOMA.  The motion passed with a 4-0 vote. 

Interlachen Park Warming House Addition:   Stadler reported that he is awaiting final sub-contractor and construction cost information from Charlie Browning.  With an understanding of project cost and how the work will be done, a building permit application will be submitted and an agreement will be prepared between the City and Charlie’s Angles to undertake the construction. 

Park Improvement Bonding potential:  Stadler reported to the Board that it would be possible to bond for park improvements based on the annual revenue now coming into the Park Improvement Fund.  The City’s bond counsel prepared an example of a $2.19M GO Bond that would be for 15 years and have an associated $185,000 per year debt service.  This would leave about $110,000/year still coming into the fund to be used for other park investments.  The bond proceeds would need to be spent within 2 construction seasons, NTE 18 months.  The benefit would be accelerating the most needed park improvements from 10+ years to 2 year’s timeframe.  After a brief discussion, Bob Hatlestad made a motion, seconded by Reed Yngve, for staff to continue to pursue the bonding option for 2016 – 2018 park improvements and report back when more details are available.  The motion passed 4-0.     

Cottageville Park update:  Stadler gave an update on the construction that is now underway. 

Review Park Improvement Fund Cash Flow:  Stadler handed out the Park Capital Improvements Fund (301) Working Capital report.     

  1. Park Area Assignment Report – The Board decided to forgo reports this meeting to adjourn and proceed to review the design charrette concept plans for the three focus parks (Burnes, Valley and Central Parks). 
  • Abbey Bryduck:      Hilltop Park, Shady Oak Beach, Shady Oak Nature Area, Minnehaha Creek
  • Bob Hatlestad:         Cottageville Park, Oakes Park, Maetzold Field, Hiawatha Oaks
  • Caroline Rinker:       Interlachen Park, Burnes Park, Harley Hopkins Park
  • Norman Teigen:       Buffer Park, Park Valley Playground, Valley Park
  • Reed Yngve:            Downtown Park, Elmo Park, Central Park


The next regular Park Board Meeting is 6:30 pm on June 15, 2015.  The next scheduled Park System Reinvestment Plan Steering Committee is 6:30 pm on May 18, 2015.  There will be a presentation of the Park System Reinvestment Plan to the City Council at its Work Session on May 12. 


Bob Hatlestad moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Caroline Rinker.  The motion passed 4-0.  The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

After adjournment the Park Board members went downstairs to the Raspberry Room to view & discuss the results of the design charrette for the three focus parks. 

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