Park Board Minutes

April 16, 2012

A regular meeting of the Hopkins Park Board was held on April 16, 2012. 


Bob Hatlestad, Chairperson called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. 


Present were Park Board members:  Norman Teigen, Bob Hatlestad, Tom Jenny, Colin Serle and Brian Furan.  Also present was City of Hopkins Park Board staff liaison Steve Stadler.  


A motion was made by Tom Jenny, seconded by Colin Serle to approve the February 27 minutes.  The motion passed with a 5-0 vote.    


  1. Athletic Field Use Policy
    Stadler reviewed a proposed new Legislative Policy #5G, Athletic Field Use Policy.  Stadler covered the main elements of the policy, i.e. designated fields, which fields can be reserved for use, lighting costs and field costs for the HALL-designated fields at Maetzold Field and informal fields.  After a short discussion, Colin Serle made a motion to approve the proposed policy, seconded by Tom Jenny.  The motion passed with a 5-0 vote. 
  2. 2012 Park System Capital Improvements
    Short discussion followed by a board consensus that we should raise the park dedication fees to at least that charged by the City of St Louis Park, which is the second lowest fee in the metro-area.  The Board reviewed a proposed question regarding a voter referendum for park improvement funding to be used in the upcoming city-wide resident survey.  The Board was generally in agreement with the proposed wording but asked that Decision Resources, Inc. also review the question and propose changes that “tell the same story” but that could help ensure a positive response.  Stadler showed photographs of Junction Park, a neighborhood park in Minnetonka, recently upgraded via Minnetonka’s voter-approved park improvement referendum.   
  3. Maetzold Field Upcoming Improvements & Twins Community Fund Grant
    Stadler gave an update on the project status and upcoming schedule. 
  4. MCES relocation of sanitary sewer lift station to Oakes Park
    Stadler reviewed the March 5 public information meeting and the March 20 City Council Meeting discussion and action.  City Council approved the Inter-Governmental Agreement with Metropolitan Council which includes the lift station relocation to Oakes Park.  Stadler stated that next steps include a site design meeting wherein the stakeholders will be given opportunity to guide the final design of the lift station building and site.  Stadler mentioned that he is looking into the possibility of removing the permanent hockey boards at Oakes Park as there is no organized use and little other use of this hockey rink, the open skate rink would remain.  
  5. Shady Oak Road impacts to Shady Oak Nature Area and proposed mitigation plan
    Stadler outlined the impacts to the Shady Oak Nature Area created by the Shady Oak Road reconstruction project and the proposed mitigation plan for the south end of the pond.  He stated that there would be a pull-off area from the trail similar to the one adjacent to the trail along Shady Oak Lake.  The mitigation plan must be approved by the City because there is federal funds being used on the road project.  After short discussion Brian Furan made a motion to approve the mitigation plan, seconded by Bob Hatlestad.  The motion passed with a 5-0 vote.
  6. Miscellaneous Updates:  Stadler provided an update on the following items.
    1. Cottageville Park/Blake Road corridor plans  
    2. Southwest Transitway Project – preliminary engineering (PE) underway, awaiting public release of DEIS, promises to be a busy 2012 with PE and Transitional Station Area Action Plans work.        
    3. Nine Mile Creek Streambank and Habitat enhancement project and Nine Mile Creek regional trail project – streambank stabilization work is completed, steps installed for garden users, trail work to follow. 
    4. Hopkins Rotary proposed plan for new Burnes Park east shelter – The existing shelter has been blocked from reservations after mid-August and new shelter construction work is planned through the fall 2012.  Stadler will get an update on status prior to next meeting.
    5. Cold Storage Site redevelopment – Stadler reviewed the visioning session held on March 27, including the site goals, list of potential land uses that could meet those goals and those potential uses that are considered “off the table” for consideration.      
  7. Park Area Assignment Report
    1. Colin Serle: Hilltop, Buffer, Burnes Park – nothing to report  
    2. Bob Hatlestad: Maetzold Field, Interlachen Park, Shady Oak Beach – nothing to report, hockey boards are still up at Interlachen Park.
    3. Brian Furan:  Valley Park, Central Park, Oakes Park – nothing to report
    4. Norman Teigen: Cottageville Park, Harley Hopkins Park, Elmo Park – nothing to report   
    5. Tom Jenny: Park Valley Playground, Shady Oak Nature Area, Downtown Park, Hiawatha Oaks – mention that the arborvitae shrubs are not in good shape behind the band shell. Stadler stated that funds were budgeted to replace shrubs in Downtown Park this year.   


The next regular Park Board Meeting is May 21, 2012 at 6:30 pm.    


Colin Serle made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Bob Hatlestad. The motion passed with a 4 - 0 vote. Norman Teigen had to leave the meeting at 7:40 pm. The meeting adjourned at 7:53 pm.

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