Park Board Minutes

August 16, 2010

A regular meeting of the Hopkins Park Board was held on August 16, 2010.

  1. Call to Order
    Jason Gadd, Chairperson called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. 
  2. Roll Call
    Present were Park Board members:  Jason Gadd, Sharon Paulson and Kyle Skiermont.  Also present was City of Hopkins staff liaison Steve Stadler.  Absent was Brian Furan.  
  3. Approval of Minutes
    Sharon Paulson made a motion and subsequently withdrew her motion so that the minutes could be approved at the next meeting.  Only two members present actually attended the June 21 meeting.
  4. Business
    1. Welcome new Board Members Linda Flynn and Kyle Skiermont
      Jason Gadd welcomed the new members.  After some discussion, it was decided that the members would tour the parks prior to the October 18 meeting – 5:30 pm park tour, 7:00 pm Park Board meeting start time.
    2. Blake Road Corridor Collaborative (BRCC) - Cottageville Park Improvements

      Stadler gave a brief update stating that the basketball court upgrade is complete and that the new soccer goals are in the park.  These park improvements were priority improvements for the BRCC and are funded by LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation).

      Stadler stated that there have been no complaints regarding the four new lights installed in the park earlier this summer.   

    3. Tobacco-Free Parks Policy
      Stadler mentioned that the public has been invited to attend next month’s meeting to provide input on the proposed new policy.  He mentioned that he has not received any phone calls regarding the policy since the notice was published in the August Hopkins Highlights.
    4. Hopkins Area Little League - Maetzold Field Improvements
      Stadler updated the Board that HALL has completed the two new batting cages and the pitching pen area.
    5. Shady Oak Beach project update
      Stadler stated that Flagship Recreation was selected to provide the new play equipment.  After brief discussion, the Park Board voted to approve the selection.  Sharon Paulson moved to approve Flagship Recreation, seconded by Kyle Skiermont.  The motion passed with a 3-0 vote.  
    6. Miscellaneous Updates
      • Blake Road/Cottageville Park planning - covered by previous agenda topic.   
      • Southwest Transitway Project - DEIS work is underway  
      • "Hopkins-in-Motion" - next event date:  Sept 11, 2010     
      • Nine Mile Creek Streambank and Habitat enhancement project and Nine Mile Creek regional trail project – the new 5th St S bridge construction is completed, work continuing on trying to secure a trail easement from Peace Valley Townhome Association located at 7th St S/9th Ave S
      • Maetzold Field batter cages, pitching pen improvements - see above agenda topic. 
      • Hennepin County Youth Sports Grant.  Third round application anticipated in fall 2010 – short discussion regarding the possibility of submitting an application to improve Maetzold Field, coupled with softball field upgrades at Central Park, so that Maetzold Field could be dedicated to youth sports only.
    7. Park Area Assignment Report
      • Sharon Paulson: Hilltop, Buffer, Burnes Park - nothing to report.
      • Linda Flynn: Maetzold Field, Interlachen Park, Shady Oak Beach
      • Brian Furan: Valley Park, Central Park, Oakes Park - absent.
      • Jason Gadd: Cottageville Park, Harley Hopkins Park, Elmo Park - nothing to report.
      • Kyle Skiermont: Park Valley Playground, Shady Oak Nature Area, Downtown Park, Hiawatha Oaks - nothing to report.   
  5. Next Scheduled Meetings  
    The next regular Park Board Meeting is September 20, 2010..       
  6. Adjournment

    Sharon Paulson made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Kyle Skiermont.  The motion passed on a 3 - 0 vote.  The meeting adjourned at 7:22 p.m.

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