Park Board Minutes

May 17, 2010

A regular meeting of the Hopkins Park Board was held on May 17, 2010.

  1. Call to Order

    Aaron Kuznia, Chairperson called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. 

  2. Roll Call
    Present were Park Board members:  Aaron Kuznia, Brian Furan, Doug Datta and Sharon Paulson.  Jason Gadd was absent.  Also present was City of Hopkins staff liaison Steve Stadler.        
  3. Approval of Minutes
    Sharon Paulson made a motion and Doug Datta seconded to approve the minutes from the March 15 meeting.  On the vote, the minutes were approved 4 - 0. 
  4. Business
    1. Tobacco-Free Parks Policy Request
      Nikki Slatkin, Americorp Promise Fellow, Hopkins North Junior High, Karissa Wentzel, Tobacco-Free Youth Recreation + Hopkins North Junior High and Hopkins High School students, listed below, presented a PowerPoint presentation on Tobacco-Free Park & Recreational Areas for Hopkins.
      Kerri Gordon, 134 6th Avenue North

      Hannah Borowsky
      Josie Karr
      Nicholas Edwards
      Anna Gonzalez
      Igran Aelle
      Skye Butler
      Leslea Strauss

      The presentation pointed out the various reasons for their request that Hopkins institute a tobacco-free parks policy city-wide, including:  negative influence on youth, cigarette filter debris, secondhand smoke danger, promotes healthy living in our parks, and consistency with school district athletic facilities.  The group stressed that enforcement would be similar to alcohol and littering prohibitions with primary enforcement/education via signs and peer enforcement among park users.  However, education could also be provided through the various coaches & parents of athletic team users + community awareness through the City newsletter, website, etc. 

      After a question and answer time and discussion among the Board members, the Board expressed support of a full prohibition on tobacco use in the city parks.   
    2. Blake Road Corridor Collaborative (BRCC) - Cottageville Park Improvements
      Stadler gave a brief description of proposed improvements for which BRCC has approved funding via a Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) grant, including:   expanding the current basketball court to a full court (60'x50') and purchase of portable soccer goals.  The estimated cost of the basketball court expansion is $9,973; soccer goals: $1,500.  If approved, the work would be done within the next 45 days.      

      Judy Elling, Executive Director - ResourceWest and BRCC member provided supporting remarks for the park improvements and LISC funding. 

      Following brief discussion, Sharon Paulson made a motion to approve the Cottageville Park improvements, Brian Furan seconded the motion.  The motion passed with a 4-0 vote. 
    3. Hopkins Area Little League - Maetzold Field Improvements
      Stadler reported that HALL is ready to move forward with installation of two new batting cages and a pitchers pen area.  They are requesting a 10% City contribution ($3,000) and a $15,000 loan.  Stadler reviewed photos of a similar batting cage and the proposed loan agreement.  HALL would like to proceed as soon as possible and City Council is scheduled to consider the loan request at its May 18 meeting. 

      After brief discussion, Doug Datta made a motion to approve the proposed Maetzold Field improvements, a $3,000 City contribution and a $15,000 loan from the Park Dedication Fund.  Sharon Paulson seconded the motion.  The motion passed with a 4-0 vote.   
    4. Park Improvement Plan/Capital Improvement Plan
      Stadler presented proposed capital projects for the 2011-2015 Capital Improvement Plan, including:  Shady Oak Beach Community Play Area (2010-2011) with three annual payments of $21,000 (yrs 2010-2012) to the City of Minnetonka; moving the Hilltop Park play equipment project ($45,000) from 2011 to 2014 due to the good condition of the existing equipment; Replace Valley Park play equipment in 2012 ($65,000); Replace Park Valley playground play equipment in 2014 ($45,000); and add a project for Miscellaneous Park Improvements for years 2011 and 2012 at a cost of $10,000 each year.  This new miscellaneous improvement project would be used to fund work in the parks such as: repair/replace picnic pavilion roofs, repair play equipment containers, install new color coating to asphalt play areas, install water fountains, etc. 

      After brief discussion, the Park Board agreed with the proposed capital plan for 2011-2015.     
    5. Shady Oak Beach project update
      Stadler presented the play equipment proposals for the three finalists:  Midwest Playscapes, Fireflies Play Environments and Flagship Recreation.  Stadler provided the flyer for the May 24 open house at the City of Minnetonka Community Center. 
    6. Miscellaneous Updates
      • Red Robin commercial filmed at Hilltop Park - Stadler showed photos of the one-day filming and the park's merry-go-round that was refurbished by the film company for use in the commercial shoot. 
      • Blake Road/Cottageville Park planning - covered by previous agenda topic.   
      • Southwest Transitway Project - DEIS work is underway  
      • "Hopkins-in-Motion" - next event date:  Sept 11, 2010     
      • Nine Mile Creek Streambank and Habitat enhancement project and Nine Mile Creek regional trail project - work is underway on 5th St S culvert replacement, work continuing on trying to secure a trail easement from Peace Valley Townhome Association located at 7th St S/9th Ave S
      • Maetzold Field batter cages, pitching pen improvements - see above agenda topic. 
      • Curling Rink/Multi-use facility proposal - no update to be removed from agenda
      • Hennepin County Youth Sports Grant.  Third round application anticipated in fall 2010. 
      • May 25 Joint meeting with City Council - topics discussed, including:  CIP, Tobacco free policy request, Shady Oak Beach and Cottageville Park.          
    7. Park Area Assignment Report
      • Sharon Paulson: Hilltop, Buffer, Burnes Park - nothing to report.
      • Aaron Kuznia: Maetzold Field, Interlachen Park, Shady Oak Beach - nothing to report. 
      • Brian Furan: Valley Park, Central Park, Oakes Park - mentioned need to rehab Valley Park basketball court. 
      • Jason Gadd: Cottageville Park, Harley Hopkins Park, Elmo Park - absent
      • Doug Datta: Park Valley Playground, Shady Oak Nature Area, Downtown Park, Hiawatha Oaks - nothing to report.   
  5. Next Scheduled Meetings  
    The next regular Park Board Meeting is June 21, 2010.       
  6. Adjournment
    Doug Datta made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Brian Furan.  The motion carried on a 4 - 0 vote.  The meeting adjourned at 8:23 p.m.

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