Park Board Minutes

October 20, 2008

A regular meeting of the Hopkins Park Board was held on October 20, 2008.

  1. Call to Order
    The meeting was called to order by Park Board Chairperson Doug Datta at 6:32 pm.
  2. Roll Call
    Present were Park Board members:  Molly Cummings, Sharon Paulson, Aaron Kuznia, Doug Datta and Brian Furan. Also present was City of Hopkins staff liaison Steve Stadler.
  3. Approval of Minutes
    Sharon Paulson moved and Aaron Kuznia seconded a motion to approve the minutes for the September 15, 2008 meeting. On the vote, the minutes were approved 5-0.
  4. Business
    1. Interlachen Park Improvement Planning    
      Steve Stadler reported that this agenda item was carried forward from the Sept 15 meeting and is for consideration of a professional services agreement with Brauer & Associates, Inc. He gave an overview of tasks included in the agreement (prepare an Interlachen Park master plan, including: a site analysis, facilitating a neighborhood meeting to gather input on park needs, develop schematic concepts, facilitate a second neighborhood meeting to review concept plans and then prepare preliminary and final master plans with implementation plan and construction cost estimate). Stadler stated that the proposed cost of the services is $6,800 plus an additional $1,000 for presentation to City Council with any final revisions to the plan. Commissioner Cummings stated that there is great value in doing this planning work, not only for Interlachen Park but for all parks as a part of the planning process in preparing for park improvement projects. After some discussion it was generally agreed that the City should proceed with these services with Brauer & Associates. Stadler mentioned that he would discuss costs with George Watson of Brauer & Assoc. based on the Park Board's interest in not only this effort but also potential future work for other parks. Commissioner Cummings made a motion to engage Brauer & Associates per the scope of services listed in their proposal and for Stadler to attempt to negotiate lower costs based on the potential for additional future work for Brauer at other parks. Commissioner Paulson seconded the motion. On the vote, the motion was approved 5-0.
    2. City Code revision regarding mosquito control and other chemical application in City Parks   
      Steve Stadler reported that a complaint had been filed with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture regarding alleged illegally applied mosquito control agent in Interlachen Park on July 4, 2008. He also reported that continued City Council action on this had been moved back to November 18, 2008. Stadler stated that he had not been successful in getting the wording of the complaint from the MDA.   
    3. Park Board Strategic Planning: 2009-2010 Goals  
      Stadler gave an update on the 2007-2008 Strategic Plan objectives and action items. He also mentioned a few new goals/objectives for consideration on the updated strategic plan. After some discussion, Doug Datta requested that each member bring a few ideas for new goals to the next meeting on November 17. 
    4. Miscellaneous Updates  
      • Tennis Court rehab & lease of property from School District for Central Park tennis courts
        Stadler reported that the asphalt had been laid and the final color coats and striping would be done in the spring of 2009. The lease agreement was approved by the School District and has been submitted to the City Manager and Mayor for their signatures.
      • Rotary Trailside Improvement Project 
        Stadler reported that the new street light had been added, water service was brought into the site and he's awaiting parts for Kilmer Electric to add an electrical service feed point. Work seems to have slowed and a landscaping plan has not yet been provided.
      • Blake Road/Cottageville Park Planning
        Stadler stated that the scaled-down Metro Council Livable Communities Grant application, for the purchase of the two duplexes that separate the park from Blake Road, had been denied. Aaron Kuznia mentioned that the next public meeting on the Blake Road Small Area plan is 6:00 pm this Wednesday at Prince of Peace church on Hwy 7.
      • Central Park Field #4 Improvements
        Stadler reported that this project was discussed with City Council at the October 14 work session. City Council supports the idea of moving the co-ed adult softball from Maetzold Field to Central Park. Stadler reported that City Council wants staff to investigate a small increase to softball league fees and other possible options to raise funds to help offset project costs. Also, staff will look into phasing work to prepare the area for a ballfield expansion, i.e. demolishing the small north parking lot and moving the sand volleyball courts. The Park Board members expressed agreement that this project would be nice but that there are other, higher priority park system needs at this time. 
      • Park Valley Playground naming & neighborhood requests
        Commissioner Cummings spoke with a Historical Society representative and they agreed to check into the historical records about the Koppelman land donation that is now Park Valley Playground. Cummings also spoke to the person with a disability that had requested better access to the archery range. The individual currently uses the range in Bloomington which has a parking lot that is very close to the shooting lanes. Cummings determined that the requests for paved access plus a special type of target backstop was more than what the City could reasonably provide at the current location of the archery range. Stadler reported that the backfill and seeding around the edge of the pavilion would be done this week.
      • Buy-a-bench program for City parks
        The Park Board briefly discussed this program and how it could be used to improve City parks and also provide an opportunity for residents to get involved with park system improvements. Chair Datta asked Board members to check their assigned parks for potential locations and numbers of benches for the program. Stadler stated that he'd bring information from the successful Downtown Park memorial bench program and some bench design alternatives. Commissioner Cummings said that this program could be presented to the Interlachen neighborhood and used in conjunction with the upcoming Interlachen Park play equipment and shelter upgrade project.

        Commissioner Kuznia mentioned that the second Blake Corridor Small Area Plan public meeting would be this Wednesday evening at the Prince of Peace church. Chair Datta mentioned that there are Southwest LRT project meetings going on this month, as well. Stadler gave a brief summary of the Downtown and Shady Oak Road station area planning stakeholder meeting that was held at the Fire Station on October 15. Stadler mentioned that he'd add the Southwest LRT project to the monthly update topic list. 
    5. Park Area Assignment Reports
      • Sharon Paulson: Hilltop, Buffer, Burnes Park - nothing to report.
      • Aaron Kuznia: Maetzold Field, Interlachen Park, Shady Oak Beach - nothing to report.             
      • Brian Furan: Valley Park, Central Park, Oakes Park - nothing to report.   
      • Molly Cummings: Cottageville Park, Harley Hopkins Park, Elmo Park - picnic table seat and 5' long rolled up sheet metal needs to be picked up or table repaired.  
      • Doug Datta: Park Valley Playground, Shady Oak Nature Area, Downtown Park, Hiawatha Oaks - nothing to report.   
  5. Next Scheduled Meeting
    The next regular Park Board Meeting is November 17, 2008 at 6:30 p.m.
  6. Adjournment
    Sharon Paulson moved and Brian Furan seconded a motion to adjourn. The motion carried on a 5-0 vote. The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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