Park Board Minutes

March 17, 2008

A regular meeting of the Hopkins Park Board was held on March 17, 2008.

  1. Call to Order
    The meeting was called to order by Park Board Chairperson Doug Datta at 6:30 p.m.
  2. Roll Call
    Present were Park Board members:  Ron Helgeson, Molly Cummings, Sharon Paulson, Aaron Kuznia and Doug Datta.  Also present was City of Hopkins staff liaison Steve Stadler.
  3. Approval of Minutes
    Aaron Kuznia moved and Sharon Paulson seconded a motion to approve the minutes for the January 28, 2008 meeting.  On the vote, the minutes were approved 5-0.
  4. Business
    1. Comprehensive Plan Update    
      Lance Bernard, Planner with Hoisington-Koegler Group, Inc. completed all the Park Board-requested revisions and the Park Board reviewed the final draft.  Steve Stadler gave an update on the Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail project (page 9).  The Park Board reviewed the park and trail plan recommendations on page 11.  There were no additional changes requested. 
          Sharon Paulson moved and Molly Cummings seconded a motion approving the Park, Open Space and Trails section of the updated Comprehensive Plan.   The motion passed by a vote of 5-0.
    2. 2009 - 2013 Park Capital Improvement Plan   
      Steve Stadler called attention to the proposed 2009 projects.  He also stated that the projected revenues on the Park Capital Improvements Fund (301) working capital report do not currently reflect park dedication fees from the "5th Avenue Flats" apartment project.  This 2009 project could potentially   contribute up to $200,000 in fees.  Stadler mentioned that he had lowered the cost of the future play equipment projects in order to stay within the funds available.  The impact of this is that these future projects would be improvements to the existing equipment, not wholesale replacements.  This was briefly discussed and it was decided that Stadler would report back to the Park Board at the May 17 meeting after having met with at least one play equipment supplier on reduced cost upgrade options.   Stadler mentioned that there were no compelling conclusions from the Wilder Study, Phase II report regarding Cottageville Park improvements being a high priority for the neighborhood.  There was some discussion on the proceeds from the City rental of Interlachen Park to the USGA for the 2008 US Women's Open.  Stadler stated that this revenue would go into the Park Capital (301) fund.  However, the proposed CIP does include upgrading the Interlachen Park play equipment in 2009 as it is the oldest, having been installed in 1988.  Stadler stated that the proposed 2010 Interlachen Park shelter/warming house upgrade would likely be a renovation of the current warming house structure to improve its function and appearance.  The 2009-2013 Parks CIP will be discussed again and finalized at the May 17, 2008 meeting.   
    3. Dogs in the Parks   
      The Park Board reviewed Steve Stadler's memo describing proposed actions necessary to permit leashed dogs at Oakes, Burnes, Valley and Central Parks.  Ron Helgeson expressed a concern that there will be dog owners that do not clean up after their dogs and that the new regulations would be difficult to enforce.  Stadler stated that enforcement would be difficult but that it would be handled the same as it currently is, if a police officer is available he/she will be dispatched upon the report of a violation.  Molly Cummings stated that she felt that dog owners that won't pick up after their pets are most likely the same owners who are currently using the parks in violation of the park rules.  There was some discussion regarding describing this park rule change as a pilot program that would be reviewed again in a year.  After the discussion, Molly Cummings made a motion to approve the new program as described in the memo, seconded by Aaron Kuznia.  The motion passed with a vote of 5 - 0.   
    4. Park Board Strategic Plan Update - no report this meeting. 
      Steve Stadler gave a brief update.  Much of the work under Goal #2, To Renew and Maintain Parks is completed or well underway.  The next two meetings will include discussion and final approval of the 2009-2013 CIP.  Clarification and more detail are needed on the action steps for objective #1:  Conduct an overall assessment of the city's trail system under goal #3: To Provide Quality Athletic and Recreational Opportunities and Facilities. 
    5. Miscellaneous Updates on various items of interest
      1. Wilder Study Report - Stadler handed out excerpts from the draft Phase II report and mentioned that Park Board members are invited to attend a stakeholder meeting on April 9 at 2:00 pm at the Hopkins Fire Station. 
      2.  Lease of property from School District for Central Park tennis courts:  This lease has still not been secured.  The City Attorney's office is currently working with the ISD 270 legal counsel to develop an acceptable minimum 20-year lease agreement that will include a payment provision should the school district desire to sell the property prior to the end of the lease.
      3. Central Park Field #4:  The agenda included a memo and drawing showing one possible layout for a 275' field.  Hopkins Area Little League (HALL) is interested in improving the Central Park field so that it could be used by adult co-rec and women's softball leagues.  Then Maetzold Field complex would be used entirely by youth teams.  Minnetonka Recreation Dept. supports the change and it is thought that HALL is willing to assist with the costs of improving the Central Park field.  There should be more to report on this at the May meeting. 
      4. Rotary Park project:  The agenda included a diagram and aerial photo showing the location of this proposed new small park area located along the north section of the regional trail at the intersection of 9th Avenue N and 1st Street N.  The Rotary Club's proposed plan includes:  relocating within the site the Three Rivers Park District information kiosks, installing landscaping plantings, irrigation, a drinking fountain, screened portable toilet, pavers and a Rotary International monument.  The City involvement could include, subject to Park Board and City Council approval, adding a light fixture to an existing pole, bringing water into the site from the 9th Avenue water main and installing the drinking fountain, est. cost:  $8,000.
      5. US Women's Open planning:  Stadler reported that the City has not yet come to terms with the event planners on the use of Interlachen Park.  There is a neighborhood group that met with the event planners this past Saturday and it is thought that the USGA is now willing to pay $25,000 for the use of the park from June 19 - July 2, 2008.  City staff will meet with all involved on Thursday, March 20 to try to come to a tentative agreement.                 
    6. Park Area Assignments Reports:
      • Aaron Kuznia:  Maetzold Field, Interlachen Park and Shady Oak Beach -  Aaron asked that we check the area to ensure that work site storm water runoff is being handled properly.  Xcel Energy is using the parking lot as a staging area for their extensive undergrounding work along Shady Oak Road.   
      • Sharon Paulson:  Hilltop, Buffer and Burnes Parks - Nothing to report.      
      • Ron Helgeson:  Valley Park, Central Park, Oakes Park - nothing to report.   
      • Molly Cummings:  Cottageville Park, Harley Hopkins Park, Elmo Park - Molly mentioned that she would be attending the Depot Partners meeting this week.  Otherwise, nothing to report. 
      • Doug Datta:  Park Valley Playground, Shady Oak Nature Area, Downtown Park, Hiawatha Oaks natural area - nothing to report.
  5. Next Scheduled Meeting
    The next regular Park Board Meeting is May 19, 2008 at 6:30 p.m.
  6. Adjournment
    Sharon Paulson moved and Ron Helgeson seconded a motion to adjourn.  The motion carried on a 5-0 vote.  The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

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