benches in Downtown Park

Park Board

The Park Board advises the Council on operation of parks and recreation programs and facilities in the City.


3rd Monday of every month, 6:30 pm
Hopkins City Hall

Hopkins/Minnetonka Joint Recreation Board

Two Hopkins Park Board members and four Minnetonka Park Board members also belong to the Hopkins/Minnetonka Joint Recreation Board, a citizen's advisory board established to advise the Hopkins and Minnetonka City Councils in matters pertaining to recreation and leisure time activities. Learn more about joint recreation.


  • Park Board Meeting
    Monday, June 20
    6:30 pm


  • Staff Liaison
    Public Works Director

  • To contact members of the Park Board, write to Hopkins City Hall or e-mail

Park Board members

  • Norman Teigen
    Second term, expires 6/30/16
  • Abbey Bryduck
    Second term, expires 6/30/16
  • Bob Hatlestad
    Third term expires, 6/30/17
  • Caroline Rinker
    Second term, expires 6/30/17
  • Reid Yngve
    First Term expires 6/30/17