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Park Board

The Park Board advises the Council on operation of parks and recreation programs and facilities in the City.


4th Monday of every month, 6:30 p.m.
Hopkins City Hall

Hopkins/Minnetonka Joint Recreation Program

As needed, members from both the Hopkins and Minnetonka Park Boards convene a sub-committee to review and discuss unresolved issues related to Joint Recreation programs and facilities. Recommendations of the sub-committee are then presented back to each city’s park board for review. Final recommendations that have gained the support of both park boards are then forwarded to each respective city council for consideration. If unified council agreement is not achieved, issues are sent back to the sub-committee for further study.


  • Park Board Meeting
    Monday, February 26
    6:30 p.m.


  • Staff Liaison
    Public Works Director

  • To contact members of the Park Board, write to Hopkins City Hall or e-mail

Park Board members

  • Laura Santiago
    First term, expires 6/30/19
  • Emma Figgins
    First term, expires 6/30/18
  • Kyle Kaczmarek
    First term, expires 6/30/19
  • Caroline Rinker
    Third term, expires 6/30/19
  • Mohamed Warsame
    Remaining term, expires 6/30/18

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