Charter Commission Minutes

November 15, 2005

The Hopkins Charter Commission met on November 15. Present were Commission members Dorothy Boen, Roger Gross, Fran Hesch, Karen Jensen, Steve Lewis, Jerre Miller, Robert Miller, and Emily Wallace-Jackson.

  1. Call To Order
    The meeting was brought to order at 6:32 pm.
  2. Approval of Minutes for September 27, 2005
    Commissioner moved Boen and Commissioner Jensen seconded the motion to approve the minutes of the September 27, 2005 meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.
  3. Communications
  4. Old Business
    1. Ranked Ballot Voting
      Staff drafted an ordinance that implements ranked ballot voting. The ordinance was drafted with the assistance of the City Attorney and Mr. Tony Solgard. Two ordinances were presented to the Commission, one that would mandate implement this voting system in 2007 and one that would postpone the implementation if the City Clerk certifies that the City is not ready.
          Commissioner Hesch explained the reasoning behind the section that would require the City Clerk to certify that the City is ready to implement ranked ballot voting. The consensus of the Commission was that this was a good idea.
          Mr. Solgard suggested some additional wording changes to the ordinance. He thought that the ordinance's use of the phrase "first choice votes" was confusing.
          Commissioner Lewis had a question regarding the designation of "first choice." The second time around the choices would not be "first choice." The Commission discussed language changes that might address this issue. First choice was changed to highest ranked.
          The Commission discussed other language and whether definitions were needed in the ordinance.
          The Commission then discussed whether to present this ordinance to the voters or whether to present it as an ordinance to the City Council.
          Commissioner Robert Miller said that he thought the most appropriate method would be to send it to the City Council.
      Commissioner Lewis moved and Commissioner Boen seconded the motion to approve Resolution 2005-02, recommending that the Hopkins City Council adopt Ordinance 2005-958 amending the City Charter. The vote was unanimous.
          Commissioner Robert Miller suggested that individual meetings be held with the Council Members prior to January 17 to explain the proposed method of voting.
  5. New Business
    1. The Commission set its next meeting for Tuesday, March 28 at 6:30 pm.
  6. Adjournment
    Commissioner Gross moved and Commissioner Lewis seconded the motion to adjourn. The meeting adjourned by unanimous consent.

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