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Room Rental Agreement

  1. This agreement is made between the City of Hopkins (hereinafter "City") and:

  2. (hereinafter "Lessee"). This agreement will remain valid through December 31, 2019.

    Rental Agreement: Lessee has read and understands the Hopkins Pavilion rental policies, regulations, and guidelines. Lessee agrees to abide by all policies and will require participants of this activity to do so also. Lessee will personally be in attendance throughout the time period requested and/or while participants of this activity are in the Hopkins Pavilion or on its grounds.

    1. CHARGES The basic rental charge shall include use of the Hopkins Pavilion as specified in the Rate Policy. Additional charges may be incurred due to additional services provided, or Pavilion equipment rental.

    2. PAYMENT. The Hopkins Pavilion will accept payment in the form of cash, credit card (Master Card or Visa), or check. Reservation requests will only be booked after a signed rental agreement and full payment have been received. In cases where only a deposit is asked for to hold a reservation credit card information is needed. In case of a cancellation outside of the terms of the cancellation policy a cancellation fee of 20% of the rental fee will be charged to the credit card provided. A rental deposit and/or damage deposit may be required and requested at the discretion of Pavilion Staff. Full Payment must be paid prior to the date and/or time of the rental or as stated in an invoice or agreement.

    3.LIABILITY INSURANCE The Renting Organization/Individual will sign a waiver of liability as a part of the Rental Agreement. Policies including but not limited to the Hopkins Pavilion Liquor Policy and Catering Guidelines may require the Renting Organization/Individual to provide a copy of the certificate of insurance as proof of liability coverage.

    4.ROOM DEPOSIT/DAMAGE DEPOSIT. The Hopkins Pavilion reserves the right to require a room deposit/damage deposit for the use of the space in the Hopkins Pavilion. This deposit is required for rentals that include alcohol service, any private party rental and any extensive decorating or event set up. This deposit will be returned to you on the next business day if the renting organization/individual complies with the guidelines outlined in this rental guide and does not exceed the hours on your rental agreement. If damages are incurred, the renting organization/individual agrees to fully reimburse the Hopkins Pavilion upon demand. This includes any and all damages to, including the loss of, the building, furniture, equipment, fixtures, grounds, or any other property, real or personal, owned, used or operated by the Hopkins Pavilion, due to any act or omission of the members, representatives, employees, patrons, invitee or guests of the Renting Organization/Individual. If a room deposit/damage deposit is required, it will be requested at the time of booking. If no damages are incurred, the damage deposit will be released the next business day.

    5. CANCELLATION A seventy two (72) hour notice of cancellation is to be given prior to the start date and time of an hourly Pavilion rental to receive a full refund. A seven (7) day notice of cancellation is to be given for a full day (event) rental(s) of the Pavilion to receive a full refund. A cancellation fee of 20% of the rental fees will be charged if the cancellation occurs after the cancellation deadlines but prior to the start of the rental. If No Notice of Cancellation is received prior to the start of a rental full payment of rentals fees may be accessed and charged to the credit card provided by renters or no refunds may be given for rentals that have been paid in full at the discretion of Pavilion Management. This policy is void if other terms of cancellation are included as part of a rental agreement.

    6. LIQUOR POLICY. The Renting Organization/Individual shall not sell, serve, or allow alcoholic beverages of any kind to be sold, brought into, or served upon the premises except as permitted by the Hopkins Pavilion Liquor Policy.

    7. CATERING. The Renting Organization/Individual shall not sell, serve, or allow food of any kind to be sold, brought into or served upon the premises except as permitted by the Hopkins Pavilion Catering Policy.

    8. DECORATIONS All decorations must meet the approval of Pavilion staff. All decorations must be put up without defacing the building. All decorations must meet fire code regulations. Candles must be enclosed in glass.

    9. SPECIAL SET UP. Special set up shall be done at the Renting Organization’s/Individual’s expense, under the supervision of and subject to the approval of the Hopkins Pavilion and shall be furnished and paid for by the Renting Organization/Individual.

    10. CLEAN UP. The Renting Organization/Individual shall clear all areas after use, unless otherwise approved by the Pavilion Management. The Hopkins Pavilion and the City of Hopkins are not responsible for any items left beyond the contracted rental period. The Renting Organization/Individual shall also leave all areas in a reasonably clean and orderly condition at the end of the term of this agreement. If areas are not cleared and/or cleaned within the contracted time period, the Hopkins Pavilion and the City of Hopkins will employ a crew for this purpose and bill the Renting Organization/Individual.

    11. ADVERTISING. You must have written approval to use the Hopkins Pavilion name and/or image in your advertising. Send or fax copies of all advertising materials to the Pavilion before going to print. Please state our complete name, Hopkins Pavilion, when making first reference. Subsequent references should refer to us as Pavilion.

    12. BROADCASTS All broadcasts, telecasts, tape recorders, films, etc. in the Hopkins Pavilion shall have prior written consent from the participants and the Hopkins Pavilion.

    13. CONCESSIONS The Renting Organization/Individual shall not sell, serve, or allow cigarettes, cigars, beverages, liquor, food, gum, and refreshments of any kind to be sold, brought into or served upon the premises except as permitted by the Hopkins Pavilion. The Hopkins Pavilion must approve all concessions menus.

    14. CONDUCT. The Renting Organization/Individual is responsible for the conduct of its guests, representatives, members, participants, and workers while in the Hopkins Pavilion.

    15. LOADING /UNLOADING. Equipment must be brought in through the north side overhead door, the southeast overhead door, or main entrance doors. Vehicles must be moved when unloading and loading is complete. Vehicles will be towed at Renters expense, if parked in loading zone area or in assigned parking spaces. Driving or parking on the sidewalk is not allowed.

    16. CITY, COUNTY, STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS The Renting Organization/Individual in conduction of any performance, public or private meeting or in giving any lecture, concert, class, or other event shall conform to, comply with and abide by all laws of the United States and the State of Minnesota, the rules and regulations of all Federal and State Boards and Bureaus, the ordinances of Hennepin County, the City of Hopkins and the regulations of the Fire Department, Board of Health, and Police Department.

    17. SUBCONTRACTING. Renters and tenants may not subcontract any space in the Hopkins Pavilion.

    18. FIRE INSURANCE The Renting Organization/Individual shall not transact or allow the transaction of any business on the premise or keep thereon anything, which will increase the rate of fire insurance on the building or conflict with the provisions of the insurance policies on the building or any part thereof.

    19. HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT: Lessee understands that use of the Hopkins Pavilion is voluntary and that use is for Lessee benefit only. Lessee agrees that use of the Hopkins Pavilion facility is undertaken at own risk and that the City of Hopkins will not be liable for any claims, injuries, damages of whatever nature incurred by Lessee or members of organization, or guests of event due to the negligence of members of organization, guests of event, or the negligence of third parties. On behalf of Lessee and the organization represented expressly forever release and discharge the Hopkins Pavilion, the City of Hopkins, it’s agents or employees, from any such claims, injuries, or damages.

    To the extent permitted under Minnesota law, Lessee agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the City of Hopkins from any claims, injuries, or damages of whatever nature arising out of or connected with my use of the Hopkins Pavilion. I also agree to reimburse the City of Hopkins for any damage, breakage, maintenance, and theft of equipment.

    The Renting Organization/Individual understands and agrees that this Agreement is made subject to all rules and regulations of the Hopkins Pavilion and will conform to said rules and regulations and be bound thereby. No provisions of these rules and regulations may be waived except in special cases and for good cause shown and then only by written memorandum attached to the rental agreement and signed by the Pavilion Manager.

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