Sidewalk & Alley Maintenance

Sidewalks and alleys in Hopkins are on a 4-year schedule for inspection and maintenance. Sidewalks are repaired for tripping hazards and alleys are repaired for drainage issues, hazards, and maintenance issues.

In the spring of each year, City crews inspect all sidewalks and alleys in that year's zone. In late summer to early fall, the sidewalks and alleys that need work are marked and a contractor competes the repairs.

Inspections & Maintenance Map & Schedule

View the Sidewalk and Alley Repair Zones Map (PDF).

  • 2017: Zone 1-north of 2nd St N and west of 5th Avenue/Oak Ridge
  • 2018: Zone 2-east of 5th Avenue/Oak Ridge
  • 2019: Zone 3-south of Mainstreet and west of Highway 169
  • 2020: Zone 4-north of Mainstreet, south of 2nd St N and west of 5th Avenue N