About Hopkins Firefighters

The Hopkins Fire Department is a blend of schoolteachers, managers, truck drivers, service technicians and sales representatives-just to mention a few. The strength of the department lies in this diversity of people dedicated to giving back to the community in an exciting way.


Firefighters must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid Minnesota Driver's License
  • Pass a physical agility and mental aptitude test
  • Pass a written test
  • Complete a medical examination, drug test and interview with the hiring committee

Benefits (as of January 1, 2016)

During their probationary period, firefighters receive on-call pay of $9.76 an hour. Once the probationary period is complete, firefighters receive $14.71 an hour for emergency response and drills. Some activities are not paid.

Firefighters who complete at least ten years of service with the department are eligible for a pension.

Training & Time Commitment

New members receive basic firefighting and emergency medical training. Training is usually done on weeknights. There are also regularly scheduled weekly in-house training drills, as well as educational courses provided through Hennepin Technical College. Continuing education is offered throughout a firefighter's career.

  • Mandatory meetings and drills will be required approximately 3 hours per week. Activities are held on Thursday evenings although other arrangements can be made if necessary.
  • Basic firefighting and medical training will take 3 to 6 hours per week for at least the first year.
  • Responding to emergencies takes about 4 hours each week.

There are also opportunities to be a part of special projects such as standbys, community service and fire prevention activities. Depending on your commitment, you could spend 2 to 8 hours each week involved in these activities.

Working Around Your Job

Getting released from work to respond to calls is a matter between you and your employer. Some employers permit their employees to respond to emergencies during the work day.