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Blake Rd

City Council Approves Final Recommendations For Blake Rd

The Hopkins City Council approved the four lane design for Blake Road at its May 19 meeting. Initial utility work is expected to begin in 2017... More...


Tell the City How To Improve Your Park At June 18 Open House

The City of Hopkins is in the process of evaluating its community parks in order to guide future investments in the park system, and wants to hear from you. More...

thumbnail of new piece

Introducing Artstreet 2015

Six new pieces of art have been installed in downtown Hopkins for the community to enjoy for the next year. See the newly installed pieces and find out more...


License Your Dog

Licenses are inexpensive, easy to get, and good for your dog. The City requires that your dog have a license as soon as it is six months old. More...

garage sale sign

Check Before You Post Garage Sale Signs

Planning a garage sale this summer? Remember not to post signs on utility poles, light poles, traffic light poles, stop sign poles, or in the public right-of-way. More...

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